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Linux configuration tool for ISDN cards

Conf-isdn-account is a tool,  developed by Manna to configure ISDN cards in a user-friendly way on a Linux system.

With this tool you can configure very easy dial-in and dial-out connections on a Linux-system.

When connecting to the Internet you can also automatically:

  • Activate a firewall
  • Use your Linux system as a 128 Kb router

This way you can also connect all systems on your LAN in a save way through a 128 Kb ISDN connection on your Linux system with the Internet.

The tool is free and is at this moment available for the Red Hat,  Corel,  Debian,  Mandrake and Slackware distributions.

Read this if you are using another distribution.

Download the tool for:

Read here the documentation and installation instructions.

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